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In addition to technical difficulties, there are two other reasons that we have decided to discontinue this online appilcation:

  1. Hazard values by lat/lon and zip code, from both the 2002 and 1996 USGS National Seismic Hazard Maps, are otherwise available via the downloadable USGS Java Ground Motion Parameter Calculator -- please see http://earthquake.usgs.gov/research/hazmaps/design/. We continue to work on making this downloadable application as easy to use as the online application.
  2. While the online application has been down, it has come to our attention that it was being used by some to obtain ground motion values for building design. For some locations in the U.S., however, the design values in modern building codes (e.g., the International Building Code) are significantly different than the USGS hazard values, sometimes by more than a factor of two. Fortunately the hazard values are never smaller than the design values -- i.e., the hazard values are always conservative. The new downloadable application more clearly differentiates design and hazard values.